So You're Planning A Wedding

Congratulations and welcome to the spectacular (and sometimes overwhelming) world of weddings. There are so many things to take into account, that it's hard to know where to begin.

The Venue

Our top tip, is to select a venue you absolutely LOVE. If you are a bit 'iffy' about it you're more likely to find things not so perfect and end up over 'decorating' to compensate and cover the imperfections, (this of course means more money in the long run). Let the venue shine in its glory by using florals to impart some of your own personality and your wedding theme, while complementing and enhancing the venue and its features.

The Florals

If you know, love and trust your florist, then book them at the same time you book your venue (as you 100% know you're going to love whatever they create for you). If you're 'shopping' for florists keep in mind their creative style verses the style you envision for your day. It is also important that when you meet with them that you feel a connection with them (that they 'get' you), that you feel comfortable with them and that importantly you are being heard.

Once you have selected colours for your maids and settled on a style or theme, then you can start discussing your florals. This usually occurs 10 - 6 months out from the wedding date, with all the details being finalised with 3 months to spare. Last minute wedding florals can certainly be organised on short notice, however you will be limited in your input due to time constraints and floral availability.

Mother Nature is a wondrous thing and she travels to the beat of her own drum, so being flexible with your flower choice will help stave off disappointment when She lets loose with the weather! There has been many a bride with heart set on the 'forever favourite' Peony, only for the season to start a little later (too cold) or finish a little sooner (too hot). Flexibility is the key, similar 'looks' can be sneakily achieved using alternate blooms.

The Money

Dollars is the big thing no-one wants to mention up front. Budget is key to achieving your desired floral dream. Obviously you don't know what it costs, until you know what it costs! Social media and pintrest can be very inspiring however and without realising it you can easily create a mood board full of $300 and $500 table designs and garden florals worth $5,000.

If you are up front with your floral designer about your budget and what you hope to achieve, they can easily guide you and tweak your inspiration board to designs that will achieve the same 'feel', without going outside your budget.

There is nothing more saddening than getting all excited about your floral consultation and discussing all the designs, colours and flower selections, hand selecting the vessels then receiving the formal presentation a week or so later and it's $10,000 more than you expected.

A good florist will be able to help you create and achieve a style that sits in your budget, while containing elements of your mood board and theme.

Building a good rapport with your florist may also give the ability to trust them entirely and 'leave it up to the expert'. Letting the designer work out which florals and designs will best suit your theme and reflect your personality is sometimes the best solution.

What do I actually need

The list is endless, however the bear minimum would be flowers for you and the Groom, something to denote the area of the ceremony and a design for the bridal table or for the reception area.

Flowers for the Bride; Maids; Flower girl; Throw posy; Groom; Groomsmen; Fathers; Mothers; Family lapels; Church/Alter/Arbour; Pew/chairs; Petals; Welcome sign; Seating sign; Guest tables; Bridal table; Backdrops; Photo flower walls; Bar flowers; Buffet/dessert Bar; Gift/card table; House flower decor; Thank you bunches for speeches....As I said, Floral options are endless.....